Our services

We are interested in your questions regarding all kind of road safety developments in your country.

Road safety for all offers various types of services to clients in LMIC’s. The main types are: small advices (free of charge) and research, consultancy or training projects.
In addition, you may serve yourself with the road safety information on our website. On that page you will find links to databases, libraries, knowledge bases and websites of institutes.

In case of small advices you may email your request to our helpdesk and we will answer you at short notice. This service is free of charge in case the request requires little time to answer. Normally we will provide the small advice within two weeks.
Road safety for all is also your partner for activities of a larger scale. We carry out road safety research, consultancy and training projects, preferably in close corporation with your national or local experts. We are not in the position , however, to finance projects.
We are focussed a.o. on giving support to the development of your local courses, i.e. both practical courses and academic programmes. Also we may give support in building road safety research centres and in developing your road safety research programs. One of the issues may be the transformation of safe system knowledge from high income countries towards LMIC’s.
Send us your request by
 email and we will contact you to discuss further details.