Delft Road Safety Courses

In 2023 the tenth  annual international course Road safety in low and middle income countries was given. This year the course was given partly online, and partly onsite at Delft University of Technology. Road safety for all initiated the course in 2011 and since then supported the course organization and the programme.

This course is organized by Delft Road Safety Courses (DRSC).

DRSC is a foundation according to Dutch law; it is a not-for-profit organization working on capacity building in LMICs. Road Safety for All was one of the founding fathers in 2011 and is represented in the Board of Directors. As of 2015 DRSC is supported by the FIA Foundation.


The annual course in Delft (or online) intends to provide up-to-date  road safety knowledge to professionals from LMIC’s. In ten full days a group of 20-25 students receives a comprehensive post-graduate training, given by a team of international lecturers. Together with the alumni DRSC supports follow-up activities, i.e. focussing on the development of local courses and related actions. See video.
The course receives  high ratings from the participants.

In addition to the annual course in Delft, DRSC is offering tailor made courses locally in LMIC’s inspired by the course in Delft. Alumni of the Delft course can play a central role in the organization of such national courses and also provide a number of lectures. In last years local courses were presented on-site in Ghana (3 times) and Brazil , and online for Latin America and Cambodia..