Road Safety Information

The following links give a direct connection with a number of Dutch handbooks, comprehensive knowledge bases, libraries, databases and global organizations.

Dutch handbooks (in English)

Road safety knowledge bases:

Road safety libraries:

SWOV library and a series of other online road safety libraries.

Road safety databases:

A number of data bases of SWOV and others:

Organizations in the area of global road safety:

  1. Global Road Safety Partnership
  2. Johns Hopkins School of Public Health
  3. Linköping University
  4. SWOV Dutch Institute for Road Safety Research
  5. Transportation Research Board
  6. TRL Independent Transport Research
  7. Universiteit Hasselt Instituut voor Mobiliteit
  8. VTI: Road safety on Four Continents
  9. World Bank Global Road Safety Facility
  10. World Health Organization WHO
  11. World Resources Institute/ EMBARQ

Other road safety sites