CURRICULUM VITAE of A. Richard A. van der Horst

1949 Born at Rotterdam, the Netherlands
1973 M.Sc., Electrical Engineering, Delft University of Technology
1990 Ph.D., Delft University of Technology
1973-1974 Automatic Traffic Systems Laboratory, Delft University of Technology
1974-1987 Research Scientist TNO-Human Factors Research Institute HFRI
1987-1988 Dept. of Civil Eng. of the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, B.C. Canada
1988-1992 Senior Research Scientist TNO-HFRI
1992-1994 Head of the Traffic Behaviour Research Group TNO-HFRI
1994-1996 Marketing Manager TNO-HFRI
1996-2004 Head Dept. of Skilled Behaviour at TNO Human Factors
2004-2010 TNO Business Developer Traffic and Transport
2011-2012 Business Consultant Mobility + Senior Research Scientist Traffic Behaviour at TNO
As of 2013 Senior Consultant Human Factors in traffic TNO (10%), Senior consultant Road safety for all

Resarch areas                                  

Road safety, human factors, road design, traffic management, road user behaviour, traffic conflicts, driver modelling

(Inter) national positions

Member of TRB Committees AND10 ‘Vehicle User Characteristics’, AND20 ‘User Information Systems’, and AND30 ‘Simulation and Measurement of Vehicle and Operator Performance’ (1991 – 2012).
Co-chair TRB Joint Subcommittee AND10(2) on International Human Factors Guidelines for Road Systems (2002 – 2012).
Member ISO TC22/SC13/WG8 TICS In-vehicle HMI (1995 – …) + Co-convenor Work Item Detection Response Tasks (2008 – 2014).
Member Advisory Board Anticipatory Research SWOV (2000 – 2010).
Several CROW Working groups on Road design guidelines (2007-2012).
Honorary Member of the ICTCT (International Cooperation on Theories and Concepts in Traffic Safety), former Steering Committee member (1994-2004).

Research and work areas

Richard van der Horst has a research background is in studies on human decision-making processes in traffic in relationship with road environment and other road users (gap-acceptance, signalised intersections, railway level crossings, traffic conflicts). He developed a video-based analysis method enabling an objective quantification of road user behaviour in normal and critical encounters, including traffic conflicts (international ICTCT calibration studies in Malmö and Trautenfels). He is one of the developers of the DOCTOR conflict observation technique that is being applied in several international projects (PROLOGUE, InDeV, IAAV). Driver modelling and development of tools and techniques for evaluating ITS applications have his special interest. For his work on human factors in road traffic with a main focus on evaluation and assessment of road design, traffic management and in-vehicle driver support systems in terms of road safety and road user behavior, he received the A.R. Lauer Safety Award of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society in 2010. He is (co) author of over 350 publications and technical reports.

Selected list of  publications by Richard van der Horst (attached).