1947 Born at Rotterdam, the Netherlands
1970 Master in Law at Erasmus University Rotterdam
1970-1977 Assistant professor in Law and Criminology at Erasmus University
1977-1986 Assistant professor in Traffic Safety (parttime) at Erasmus University
1977-2012 SWOV Institute for Road Safety Research at Leidschendam
1977-1986 projectleader/ researcher
1986-1995 head of department Safety Research
1995-1999 head of department Information systems and basic data
1999-2003 programme-manager Decision analysis and policymaking
2003-2012 programme-manager Assessments and Outlooks (parttime as of 2009)
As of 2009 Managing director Foundation Road safety for all
2011 – 2021 member of Organizing Committee of Delft Road Safety Courses
2015-2016 Member of the Steering Group of Delft Road Safety Courses DRSC
As of 2017 Member of the Board of Directors of DRSC (secretary/treasurer)

Research areas

human factors, accident-analysis and -forecasting, policy making and cost-benefit analysis, monitoring and evaluation. List of publications attached.

International experience

OECD : Expertgroups (Traffic safety of children; Safety Management and implementation strategies)
ECMT : Peer review on Road safety performance in Lithuania
ETSC : Working Party on Cost effective EU transport safety measures
EU projects: Rosebud (WP leader and Steering Group member); Immortal; Supreme (Steering group member)
OECD/ITF: Twinning project Cambodia – the Netherlands 2010 – 2016

Selected list of publications (E/F/D) of Paul Wesemann (attached)