New projects

We are exploring the possibilities of various new activities.

The consultancy and training in Cambodia might be continued and/or extended to other countries in South East Asia.

We support alumni of the Road Safety Course in Delft in developing local courses. New initiatives focus on Western and Eastern Africa, South America and Asia.

We also participate in the consortium that will perform the EC funded project Safer Africa in the framework of Horizon 2020. We will contribute to the workpackage ‘Capacity building and training actions’. This workpackage will take of in 2017.


The safe system approach is a leading philosophy in road safety management in high income countries. Given the many different problems in LMIC’s it may be seriously doubted whether this approach is applicable as successfully in these countries. We are exploring the feasibility of an (international) research project into the safe system approach in LMIC’s.


For more details on the new projects: see our Policy plan 2016-2018 (in dutch).