Current projects


In the framework of the OECD/ITF twinning project Netherlands-Cambodia we support the Cambodian road safety authorities, in cooperation with the experts of Handicap International in Cambodia.


In phase 1 of this project (2010-2012) we facilitated workshops on various topics: Target setting and indicators, Design of a comprehensive monitoring system, Sustainable safety, Funding of Road safety measures and Cost-benefit analysis. In cooperation with SWOV we delivered a proposal for a national road safety target 2020.
On request of the National Road Safety Committee we delivered consultative documents on Separation and integration of traffic modes, Enforcement and Public transport facilities.

In 2011  the Royal Government of Cambodia drafted a National Road Safety Action Plan 2011-2020 which was decided on in 2014. On request of the Director of the General Secretariat of the National Road Safety Committee we prepared a (small) advice on capacity building of the secretariats staff.  


In phase 2 of this project (2013-2015) we  focussed on the detailed design, implementation and use of a comprehensive monitoring system.


At the moment we are preparing a proposal for a project focussing on improvements of the data collection system that will be financed by the WB.



For more details on the current Road safety for all projects: see our recent Annual Reports (in dutch) in the section Products.


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